Storytelling and Communications

Communications and Storytelling

Do you need help telling your story? I help organizations and individuals communicate what they do effectively and in an engaging manner.

Here’s how:

  • Using interviews and surveys to define the target audience
  • Defining the core story and making it more powerful and clear
  • Developing communications strategies
  • Engaging with target audiences
  • Building strong communications teams

What Others Say

Mana Mostatabi
M.S.F.S Candidate, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service

“Tori has been and continues to be an amazing colleague in every respect. Her collaborative nature, coupled with her acute awareness of different points of views and the cultural nuances accompanying international work, makes her an amazing leader and teammate. She is an outstanding writer and amazing designer whose skills range from creative to technical. Truly one of the best partners I’ve ever encountered.”

Esra’a Al Shafei

“With Tori’s many contributions to Mideast Youth, she helped us take huge and often controversial concepts and make them accessible to a wide range of audiences through video, design and content. Because of her background and experiences, she’s very culturally aware and understands what messages are provocative versus engaging. She has helped us achieve the latter without risking the power of the message. One of my favorite qualities about her is that she listens very well to feedback and criticism, taking it into serious consideration when making the next move and therefore helping us bypass enormous challenges when it comes to communicating our approach to what we do and why it works. Last but not least, Tori has been the best storyteller I know since the day I first connected with her – helping me improve my own storytelling abilities. Let’s not forget that she was the first one to put Mideast Youth’s story into words, a story which helped us get some serious commitments and grants from very prestigious organizations. Tori was the only person who told me that I needed to get rid of the statistics and start focusing on the human element of why we do what we do, and how we’re doing it. It’s about interaction, and that comes with the stories – that was the best lesson I’ve learned.”

Carol Christie
Principal, True Blue Financial Coaching

I’ve had the good fortune to know Tori as both a colleague and a service provider. Her enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge are second to none. I greatly value her input and refer to her deliverable regularly. I look forward to working with her again.

Smruthy Sachidinandan
Writer and editor

“As someone who does critical reviews of stories and novels from several cultures, her critiques are always precise, intelligent, sincere and articulate and she always keeps the author in mind. It never fazes her that it might be a culture or a genre that she is not familiar with. I’ve always got the impression she actually does a fair amount of homework before a critique. She also never presumes or judges a situation but always asks questions so she is sure that she understands the whole picture.