Grant Writing and Support



  • Coordination
  • Grant-Writing
  • Editing
  • Donor Reports
  • Presentations

Do you need help with grant writing, editing, and support during the process? I have experience writing large and small grants, coordinating with partners and potential partners, and tracking all the moving parts.

I have written successful proposals for government grants and private foundations. My specialties are human rights, civil society, and projects related to Jewish culture.

You name it, I’ve done it: timelines, letters of support, budgets, monitoring and evaluation plans, logic models, and indicator definitions.

That confusing document from the donor describing their funding opportunities? I can help you turn that into clear steps to follow during the grant-writing process. That way you ensure that your organization is communicating its project in terms that make sense and coordinate with the opportunity.

I’ve worked with organizations to create realistic budgets and am no stranger to Excel’s formulas for budgeting.