Writing, Editing, & Storytelling

Egherman helps artists, non-profits, academics, business leaders, and activists communicate their stories. When complex information needs order, explanation, and presentation, who else are you going to call? Design, writing, research, and communication skills all in one neat little package.

For more than twenty years, Tori Egherman has been helping academics, international non-profits, and others communicate their ideas and concepts to others. She works with first-generation academics and PhD candidates as an editor and coach, helping them to connect to both scholarly and lay audiences. Egherman loves to take a mess of information, find its core, and then describe it both visually and in words.

Experts come to Egherman when they need to tell their stories. They come to her when they are dealing with complex information that needs order, summarizing, and presentation. Her curiosity means that she can make connections that others miss.

Egherman has helped academics, business leaders, and activists communicate their stories.


Do you need help telling your story?

Here’s how Egherman can help:

  • Proposal writing and editing: Including research and articulating project design in correspondence with donor requirements
  • Editing and writing for academics and for popular audiences
  • Finding and summarizing your core message, and making it more powerful and clear
  • Training and coaching in storytelling
  • Developing communications strategies
  • Infographics and design



Tel: +31 621 99 36 65


Selected Clients

Communication and Design clients - a selected few- Arseh Sevom, Level V, Climate Launchpad, VU University, Campus Party, Broadway San Jose, Arts Marketing, TEDxAmsterdam, TEDxLondon, TEDxEastEnd