Blue and yellow fence painted like the flag of Ukraine with logos of tech companies on them.

Design Updates!

Animated gifs, social media, logos, and infographics! Because it's easier to add a few examples here than to constantly update my portfolio.

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Bring It On, Babylon

Designs for print magazine and optimized for digital viewing. Bring it ancient city style with contemporary commentary on ancient texts.

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A statue honoring the dock workers who shut Amsterdam down shortly after the Nazi occupation of the city. This was the only public protest against Nazi occupation anywhere.

So you want to oppose fascism…

Fascists have radicalized me. And they should radicalize you too.

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Egherman Does Design

A few examples of work done for clients who wanted clarity, joy, theatricality, sobriety or some combination thereof. Good for what ails you.

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Compass on a blue background

Coaching Through Transitions

This is the place I am moored to. It holds the landscape that grips my soul and contains all that is me: the Jewish me, the American me, the optimistic and happy me, the pessimist me, and the me who is rooted in justice. This is where I was nurtured...

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Charismatic leadership is dangerous. Leadership needs to be shared with people who are NOT natural leaders.

How Can Our Networks Heal from Abuses of Power?

“The good news is that people are more loyal to sex than to taboo play.”

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Love will tear us apart … or not

With all the forces trying to tear us apart, including our own personal idiosyncrasies, it is a testament to our incredible hardheadedness that Kamran and I have remained together.

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Photo from Jewish wedding

“Dina, it’s time we moved to America.”

My grandmother was six and was in the market with her good friend, also six, when strangers attacked the shtetl where she was born. They set angry pigs loose in the streets, killing her friend right in front of her. My grandmother was unharmed. When she returned home, her mother looked at her and said: “Dina, it’s time we moved to America.”

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Tradition! Tradition! Who Has the Right to Ritual

The requirement for a hide used for the Torah is that it come from a kosher animal, not that it be ritually slaughtered. Dozens of hides are needed to create just one Torah. And kosher hunting is quite a challenge given the fact that the animal, hunted or not, needs to be ritually slaughtered in order for the meat to be considered kosher.

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Zlateh the Goat, illustration by Maurice Sendak

The Rhythm of Tragedy

There is a rhythm to tragedy—especially Jewish tragedy—that feels comic. It begins with a set-up and ends with a punchline.

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Big announcement: I am writing a novel

I always wanted to be a writer, but I hated writing. So why am I writing a novel now? What changed?

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Blast from the Past: Thoughts on Rafsanjani’s 2005 Campaign

I wrote this piece in 2005 when the elections for Iran's next president were in full swing. During the campaigns, I walked through my neighborhood with my headscarf around my shoulders. Music blared from black SUVs. Change was in the air...

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Why I Love Facebook

I am irresistibly drawn to Facebook, like a moth to the flame. Oh I know it could burn me, but the light is so very pretty.

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The Last Days of the Tehran American School

"Everyone wants to go back," says one former student of the Tehran American School.

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The Speech Squeeze

Poker. Rumi. The US Postal Service motto: Neither snow nor rain nor heat…Serendipity. All have their roots in ancient Persia. No matter how much you think you know about Iran, there’s always more. It’s no surprise, then, that you know so little before boarding a plane to take you to Tehran.

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Too Much Is Never Enough: Making Ghelye Mahi

Every time we had people over for dinner, my husband would say to me, "Tori, we didn't make enough food."

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You Can’t Say That in School

“I don’t know how I could protect my child or explain why some things are okay to talk about and why some things are not. It’s hard for me to imagine.”

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